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About Me

Francia Pressard is Howard University student and freelance writer with a background in many arenas ranging from brand development to design. Her past experience in private medicine, interior design, personal styling, and freelance writing are what prop up her dynamic and nuanced approach to any endeavour that she pursues. She is driven by a perpetual desire to expand upon the bounds of what she knows and does this by being both inquisitive and receptive to critique. Francia lives by the idea that we never truly finish being students which is evident in her continued academic pursuits in Afro American Studies and English and in seeing how the intricacies of these two fields have real world applications in this digital age      

Her desire to bridge the gaps between information and the audience that they would most likely benefit have driven her success in her recent think tank fellowship as well as her past role in a small Chicago-based startup. Aside from the research, collaboration, and professional development that were centered in the think tank, she and her team were instrumental in presenting and fostering new insight to leading international researchers in the field. These new insights led to substantive growth within the fabric of the think tank in and of itself. Additionally, her past experience working at a startup means she has first hand knowledge of how important quick thinking and developing and maintaining a given brand's image is in the ever-changing landscape that exists in the realm of startups.  

Francia is a strong believer that having enriching hobbies outside of a professional setting can only work to better produce a well-rounded person, more capable of tapping into consistency and creativity. She maintains this belief through her focus on friends, family, her community, along with boxing, yoga, and the arts. She revels in new challenges and can be reached for freelance writing at for those ready to take their team to the next level.

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